PushPay offers a simple solution for B2C enterprise to bill clients and collect payments over SMS and Email. This offers your customers an extremely easy way to pay, and means customers can pay you at any time, not just when they are logged into your website or app.

How PushPay works

Send payment request over SMS or E-mail

When you need to bill a customer, PushPay dynamically generates an invoice inside of a PCI compliant environment, and sends a tinyurl link to the relevant customer over Email or SMS.

When the customer clicks the link, the invoice is loaded, which can be processed securely and immediately using credit card or instant EFT.

Customers can pay securely and instantly in a few clicks

PushPay allows for instant once off payments as well as recurring billing instructions.

End to end tracking is provided , giving you visibility over which customers have received and paid your invoices.

PCI compliant,
recurring & once off billing,
Real-time tracking.

PushPay makes invoicing and payment a seamless and easy process, and can be further integrated into your social messaging channels if required.

PushPay is immediately usable by any customer with a phone or PC and a data connection, and does not require an app to be installed on the users phone

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