Transactional Email

A highly scalable online communications service for delivery and tracking of time sensitive transactional email.


  • Full service transactional gateway
  • A comprehensive API to manage all transactional email communications.

  • Full Real-Time tracking.
  • Receive detailed reporting on delivery status, opens, and user actions.

  • Webhooks offered for reporting.
  • Simple, effective reporting for developers.

  • Download REST API docs.
TotalSend SMTP

  • Secure document delivery
  • Delivery of encrypted documents up to 10MB.

  • High throughput and uptime
  • 99.9% platform uptime
  • Instant scalability for high volume transactional mail.

  • Secure transit
  • Connect and submit over SSL.

Transactional email

Send mission critical transactional mail, and never get cut off, only pay for what you send, at the end of the month. We charge you as follows:

<1000,000 R15
1 mil to 5 mil R10
5 Mil to 10 mil R8
10M plus R7

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